Yoto Cards

  • Educational

    My First 100 Words in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian

    My First 100 words in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. A selection of words to help learn basic vocabulary divided into 9 categories: House and Home, Environment, Food and Drink, Animals, Emotions, The Body, Clothes, People and...

  • Nursery Rhymes sung by Rainy

    Our very own Rainy signs some of the best-loved nursery rhymes in English. Your children will love singing along to Old MacDonald and Row, Row, Row your Boat. Each and every song of this collection has a message to convey and a lesson to learn while...

  • Brothers Grimm

    Snow White

    The tale of Snow White features one of the most fabulous baddies of all time in the form of the Wicked Queen, vainly peering into her mirror and asking - Who is the fairest of us all? Her motivations of vanity and envy are so very human, and...

  • Yoto

    Sounds for Sleep

    A collection a soothing sounds to help you fall asleep. We are by the sea, and can hear the gentle sound of waves breaking on the shore and the clink of boats bobbing about on the water. In the jungle, all is at peace for now; the frogs croak gently and...

  • Story Shed Podcast Card

    Story Shed is a storytelling podcast for children of all ages and their parents. Created by Primary School teacher Jake Harris as a way of inspiring families to enjoy stories with a heart, all the stories are original compositions written by Jake...

  • The Boy Who Flew Too High

    The myth from ancient Greece of the boy who flew too close to the sun. It continues the story of Daedalus, who also appears in The Minotaur.  We hear how he and his son Icarus try to escape from Crete with wings made of feathers and wax. Some...

  • Rudyard Kipling

    The Cat that Walked by Himself

    Most domestic or farm animals have to earn their place by the fire. Kipling's short story - from the Just So Stories - tells us why cats can drink milk from a bowl and live a semi-wild life by themselves. It takes us back to the time when people lived...

  • Yoto

    Things That Go

    If you love watching the trains go by, this card is for you as it’s packed with all your favourite ‘things that go’! Hear a jumbo jet take off, right overhead from your position at the end of the runway. Take a ride as a passenger on a...

  • Yoto Kids Radio

    Yoto Kids Radio is curated and programmed by the Yoto team and aims to bring you the best in music for children (and adults) from pop to classics and from nursery rhymes to classical. The radio station playlist changes according to the time of day so...